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Joshua Patterson | Charity Challenges, Motivation Speaker, Model, Runna co-owner

The Limitless Mindset

Mind power is one of the strongest and most useful powers you possess. This power, together with your imagination, can create success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, opportunities or obstacles. This depends on your mindset and your ability to become limitless.
This is something I truly believe we are all born with. It’s something that should be nurtured from birth. As a father, I am fascinated to see how my daughter develops, who she becomes, what inspires her and how she chooses to embrace the joys of life.

Embrace Your Obstacles

Children have a lack of fear from an early age, that’s what makes them such high risk, but what I find interesting is the sheer resilience they have to push harder, go further and keep trying until they do in fact succeed.
Maybe it’s because their conscience hasn’t told them that they might fail? Or maybe it’s because society hasn’t taught them about failure? It is this mindset that I hope to challenge. Though, not everyone tackles obstacles enthusiastically or head on. Some go to great lengths to avoid them…or even go into denial about their existence. Others let obstacles overwhelm them and are left feeling defeated.

Go Against The Grain

Impostor syndrome is something so many of us have inherited because of the environment we are subjected to daily. Our family, friends, partners and social media have influenced our way of thinking, feeling and our rationale (or lack there of at times). Their fears, insecurities and failures can quite easily become ours, like a parent telling their children to do the sensible thing.
From personal experiences I feel that it’s so easy to push that imaginary red button in our heads when we’re at the peak of an obstacle. I ask you to continue, continue pushing beyond what you think your limits are, it is at that point that you will become limitless.

Be Humble

It’s normal to have regrets in life, but the limitless mindset is there to remind you now, to adopt these changes to allow yourself the chance to make it a reality.
Yes…at times, vocalising and preaching the limitless mindset can often sound cringey or unrealistic, but from experience I can say with confidence that it will be your actions, your lifestyle and behaviour that will be the best way to educate and inspire others around you.
The foundation of this mindset originated from the adversity men, women and children face daily when their environment told them there was no hope and that their outcome was inevitable. Each and everyone one of them had everything to lose, yet they overcame society’s expectations and defied the odds.
If someone who only has the capabilities to function at 60% can succeed, what excuse could I have at 90-100%?… It’s better to fail doing something you love than to fail doing something you hate.
Like so many people, I don’t believe I am an exceptional person. I know others have done more, been exposed to more hardship and battles. Still, the only way you will ever get a true understanding of your mind and body is to truly test it, even then if the outcome is not what you hoped for, it doesn’t mean it’s the end.
If you’re reading this blog now, then I hope that despite any doubt, this will give you what you need to hear to start believing in yourself and show that you are capable of achieving anything you 100% put your mind to.

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