Run 4 Nations


“The world is so noisy that unless we do something that is going to shake the world, the world is just not going to hear it.”

On May 29th, 2021, Josh will attempt to become the first person to run a marathon in all 4 countries in the UK in just 24 hours. There will be no rest, no sleep and most of all, no room for error.

Continuing on his journey to redefine how mental health is perceived in society, Josh is prepared to push himself beyond his limits, again, to prove not only to himself but to others that whilst mental health may be seen as a weakness, your mind is stronger than you know.

Running in all 4 countries of the United Kingdom is a momentus element of this challenge. Josh understands that to truly raise awareness requires exposure and what better way to speak to as many people as possible than to cross borders and go beyond Great Britain.

“We can choose to be affected by the world or we can choose to affect the world. I want this challenge to be a reminder that you are not alone. Every day I run, I run for you!”

Josh believes that we are stronger together, as a collective of people that support each other. That is how we make change. The team below are just that – an incredible group of individuals that have come together to support Josh on this challenge and contribute to the change in narrative around mental health.

Watch over us today, Today we run another day, Today we run for Britain, We run for our friends, We run for our family’s, And most importantly we run for ourselves, Inspire, Be inspired, We are one, Let’s run!!!

Meet The Team

josh patterson Ultra-Runner
jamie sparks Ultra X
chris taylor Ultra X
Ben Parker Running Coach & PT
Kieran Lowe Osteopath & Sports Rehabilitator
Renee McGregor Athlete Health & Performance
Brad welch S&C Coach
Ben Kent Film Director
Sarah Ball Samaritans Head of Community
hannah tyldesley Community & Partnerships Manager
Sam Heward Co-Founder and Qualified Coach

SaxonAir Partners with Tree Planting Initiative

The air charter company SaxonAir who will assist Josh during R4N have recently partnered with Gone West to plant trees within the UK for every flight. Not only does this initiative actively contribute for solutions to directly replace carbon emissions, but it also allows further opportunities for young people in the UK to earn a living in the current climate.

Klyne Aviation Centre welcomes another tenant to the building, cementing its offering as an aviation and offshore hub. Swift TG Maintenance, a company that specialises in the continued airworthiness and maintenance of light aircraft, join tenants such as NHV and CHC Helicopters, ONE-Dyas, a Dutch gas operator and FurtherMore Marketing, an agency known for its work within the offshore sector …
15 oak trees will be planted to offset the flying that we will do to complete Run 4 Nations.

Gone West